On the Right Path

October 7, 2017

So, I've spent the past three days in the mountains with H. She had just recently decided to become vegan. I've been helping I hope. So we had some time one moring and I put on the movie Carnage: Swollowing the Past. It's such great movie. It sends a great vegan mesage with humor, great writing, and a unique perspective. H really enjoyed it, said it opened up a totally new perspective for her. She started calling meat eaters carnist. Fuck yeah.

It's nice for me too to watch vegan movies and videos especially when they come from facts and love. I need it. When you're in a place where everyone is a meat eater and won't listen, it's hard to feel sane. But this movie, with a receptive person, makes me feel like there is hope and that I am doing the right thing. 

Unite the Right and the Left

So, my home state is in trouble. There was the white supremacists rally in C-ville last weekend. I'm not surprised really. It's what happens to a nation that allows interest groups to rewrite history. We've allowed a political system that alienates anyone with a free thought. A system that forces it's people to choose between a war criminal and a sociopath. A system that polarizes it's constituents along the made up lines. The history of the Civil War, the one that everyone knows is wrong. In fact it was a war that was started by the media. Using our fears to divide us when the truth is we have a common enemy. The two party system, the prison industrial complex, and big banking. These groups polarize us, make their issues ours. There isn't a right or a left, there is only the population and the people who to lead us. Do we have any control over who those people are? If not what do we do about it? 

Professor a Racist for Correcting the Grammar of Black Students

Which English is more correct? Yours, mine, midwest, mid-atlantic? British, Irish, South African? There are variations in spelling, verbiage, grammar and syntax but these Englishes are understood, for the most part, by all speakers. Social emotional connections allow us to name arbitrary things as more correct or perfect. The same way the Skins are better than the Cowboys even though both teams are composed of ever changing components placed together by luck and circumstance. There is no real rightness with language or with American football except for the social relationship. Whether it's the excitement a group shares a common interest. Or a speaker can be understood, if their points are complex and concise. 

Complexity of language is lost when you refuse to respect diversity.  College educated population keeps us separated along classiest lines. Old farts in there lineage universities have been told their whole lives that they are better than their less educated, often POC but nowhere near exclusively, fellow Americans. Their education justifies their correction, disregard and disrespect for lesser people. Why let classism limit your experience?

A Thought on How People Should Live

I've been spending a few days at Twin Oaks community in Louisa, Virginia. Acres of land in rural Virginia. Utilized for living, agriculture and activism. I really like it here.  Compared to the outside world, or "babylon" as its referred to here, it is a paradise of hard work, recreation and actualization of the self.

When I consider living here myself, I hesitate. Firstly, animal agriculture. I'm not interested in it in any form. I'm not concerned with how happy your slaves are, I don't think you should have slaves period. I don't believe that anything about our nature gives us the right the manipulate the biological processes of other creatures for pleasure. I don't think I could live in a community that at least doesn't have that conversation with itself. 

Also outreach is something that concerns me. TO is great but what about the surrounding community? What about starting a revolution and changing the way people think. I see a lot of the same types of people in communities. They tend to attract already radical, educated, individuals. Which is awesome. But what about the person with great ideas but no access to education?  Or can't get three weeks off to visit?  You have to know you want to get away and have the means and wherewithal to do it. There needs to be a level of access for people who don't know that community is a thing. That you don't have to struggle and that there are people that can help. This is an issue with the rural communities movement in general. Lots of love but improvments need to be made in how we spread it in an inclusive way. 

So looking to the future. what will my community look like. I know I'll live in one. I never want to reenter the rat race as the Carlwood calls it. Maybe this one, Twin Oaks, but probably one of my own creation.  Jay and I are making plans. Food is what we're focused on. Getting good food out to people who need it. We want to grow all our own organics and have a business selling great tasting "junk food" to broke people.  I hope to have an urban as well as a rural operation. Best of both worlds. A community that can support itself sustainibly in food, energy, activism, social engagement and subversive action ;)

People do Weird Things

I notice how like people have all these health problems an never think about their diet. I saw a commercial for pepto. This guy is eating a huge plate of cheese and meat and gets indigestion. LIke no shit. That "food" causes diarrhea and you still want to eat it? Like your body is literally telling you you're eating poison but you're just like "Naw I'll drink this chalky pink liquid so I don't have to worry about what I put in my body."

Also, some people can't even look at a picture of an animal without thinking about eating it. Weird. 

Veganism is the Least We Can Do

Eating meat is not radical. I believe that meat consumption validates the capitalist narrative that one has the inherent right to have dominion over another creature with a internal life. This ides of social value is a fractal of behavior that supports social hierarchy.We see it all the time. If someone is less articulate than the norm, there are seen as vulgar less human, less capable of higher human cerebral function. Lower social value. 

Animals have the lowest social value. We all assign value to people based on their social qualities. Its how we make friends. But denying access to resources to someone based on their "social capitol' in not radical. The circle of compassion should include neural diversity and non-human sentient life. Breaking down our judgments of others is the first step to community.