Home is Where the Heart Is

I couldn't find my outlet adapter for my laptop charger. None of the stores near my apartment carried them so blah blah. It's all sorted now. Sorry about the huge gap between post. Hopefully it won't be an issue now. I'm going to try to average two posts a week, Mondays and Thursdays, depending on how interesting my life is. kthanksbye



I left Tennessee for Baltimore. I spent a few more days with me mah. It was good. We went to the farmers market in PA and gawked at some Amish people. I'm going to miss her. I wish I could afford to see her for the holidays. 


While in the area I met up with my buddy Eric. He's working in DC so we met at the Sticky Rice near his work for some mexican beers. I missed the crap outta this dude. It was nice how we could just jump back into our old rhythm even though it's been well over a year.  His comedy is taking off. Which makes sense because he's funny as heck. Take note of Eric Koucheravy, you'll see his name in lights one day, I'm so proud. 


Then I went home home, Springfield, Virginia. Like the worst place. Mostly an highway exit and a commuter stop for the metro. Miles of subdivisions and gas stations. So glad to not call that place home anymore. Some of my friends still do, or have left and come back.


Those were the people I went to see, litterally the only people in the Spliff I care about seeing.  I still had a great time with these folks. Good people and alcohol make any situation alright. Had some of those hard sparkling water thingys. Jesus Christ are the dangerous. Considering how much I love sparkling water, I have a problem. With soda water or alcohol...you decide. 


To continue my boozy adventure I made a stop in Pittsburgh, PA to visit my friend from China. I dragged her to the goth night portion of Skull Fest 2017. My friend Aaron's band was playing the night I got into the city. We got too drunk, started at like 1:30, Jessie bailed around 1030. I managed to chug a mountain dew and got back in the game. Started talking to an old friend, Brandon, and ended up watching the sun come up after an after party. WTF they put in Mountian Dew is serious and probably shouldn't be consumed by anyone. 


The next day Jessie and I went white water rafting. Total blast for me, trying not to throw up while waiting in the hot sun for our raft. No one wanted to be in our group so we got paired with one of the guides. Which ruled because he just told us what to do the whole time, so no thinking/drowning. Also he was chill and we taked and talked trash about the other rafters :)


Saw the eclipse after we saw a guy lose his pants in the bar, 230 pm. That night I was back on a bus heading for Newark and ultimately Chengdu.