Pride and Prejudice

So pride is this month. Which is cool, that increases the chance of me getting free various rainbow nick-knacks to by about 200%.  Which is cool. I can't help but be critical of the commercialization. Like I enjoy free stuff but I feel strange about waving a rainbow flag with Suntrust written across it.


I surround myself with some pretty awesome people and sometimes it makes it harder to interact with people that are more hostile to non normative identification. I mean most people are ok with gay, meaning that they don't have a strong opinion about gay relationships, as long as they are recognizable as a hetero-normative relationship.  Meaning there is clear gender definition between the partners and if that line is blurred it is in a way that is stereotyped enough to be comfortable, e.g. the "butch" lesbian or the "flaming" gay man. If it's not then people have opinions, which is pretty fucked. Like, you're opinion on me isn't going to change who I am, it might make me feel bad, or distance myself from you, but like if you want to understand what I like or how I feel, get to know me. Respect privacy and be a friend first, and don't ask about my gentials. 


That all being said.  I got way trashed like the friday night before DC Pride aka. Capitol Pride aka Capitolist Pride. Thankfully I wasn't on my normal game of taking tons of pictures while I'm drunk and there aren't any from Friday night, just this gem. 


I guess I haven't been drinking all that much recently and that has like not helped at all with the hangovers. I figured that if I gave my body a break then when I desided to drink again then it would be easier the nest day. I was fucking wrong, so so wrong. To the point that I think I might need to find a new drug of choice, maybe yoga. 


All in all I'm still working on that whole balance thing. I think I'm looking back to much at the way I used to live for answers and getting ever more dissapointed. I'm kinda comforted, though, by the fact that I won't ever be that way again. I'm more comfotible now. Even though I still struggle sometimes, I find that I have a better handle on whats important and I feel comfortible communicating my need to the people around me.