China rules everything around me.
An amazing view of the Du.

An amazing view of the Du.

I'm back offically it's been about three weeks or so, maybe, I'm not sure. I'm falling back into a rhythm. 


It's my second week back at work. I'm surprised at how easy it's been. I'm at the same school with the same kids and teachers. I have a lesson plan writing system down. I'm feeling pretty condfident.


Chengdu and I would assume most of the expat community in China, is a strange blend of maturity and outrageousness.  Most of us are adult enough to have our own careers, projects and creative outlets while maintaining a totally carefree attitude. It's almost like nothing really matters here so you might as well try to make it great.  I think that's the type of personality it takes to live in e place like this, equal parts nihilist and hustler. I love it. I feel free here. I don't have to fight for a job, I have free time to pursue things I love, like reading writing and rugby while creating amazing memories and having one of a kind experiences.