Thanks China

topical side note : If you gain the Senate seat but you ran against a pedofile... did you really win... can you really celebrate?


So China doesn’t care about Christmas. Well, that’s not true. They make all of your Christmas presents so they do care quite a lot. The west funds their Chinese new year vacations. Also I’ve heard that pollution gets worse around Christmas because factories are working over time. Enjoy your world’s best dad mug you freakin fascist.


I’m working through the holiday season. By a strange twist of fate I managed to get Thanksgiving off, my school was having an event… they didn’t need me. Any excuse to blow off my already easy as fuck job


Well, it’s easy on paper. Trying to work through a language barrier with kids that are in school, a place they don’t want to be, to teach them something objectively difficult in a way that doesn’t make you and them want to die. It’s a balancing act that may try and fail at. I think I’m doing alright. The trick is, don’t teach the kids ways to criticize you in English and you can pretend you’re the best teacher in the world.

I’m working on getting my online teaching career up and running. I want the extra money, hopfully my laptop with holdout until I can earn enough to get a new one.

Side note: Is it fucked up to use your computer to obtain its replacement. I didn't mean anything by it robot overlords.

I want to be able to make money while traveling. The closer I get to leaving China the more I realize I can’t go back to having a “normal” life. Working a job a hate for money I then spend on temporary good times. “When I think of all the good times that I’ve wasted having good times”. The only thing is I wish I had started sooner. I talked myself out of teaching abroad for years. The things I thought were important still are but what really matters will make an attempt to keep up with you.